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Since 1991, Continental Kennel Club has offered the dog world a choice in canine registration services. CKC’s commitment to its club members has always been about providing unique, quality canine services and products in a timely manner. Likewise, Continental Kennel Club’s commitment to establishing national performance events, field trials, and breed evaluation shows is just as strong. At CKC, we believe in empowering ordinary people with practical canine education and training so that they can enjoy an extraordinary relationship with their dogs. Continental Kennel Club provides its club members and the general public with educational material through direct mail, magazine publications, training seminars, and its online presence.

With hundreds of thousands of registrations annually, Continental Kennel Club has moved into position as one of the largest canine registries in the world. Along with its tremendous growth, CKC has continued to offer fast, efficient, and accurate record-keeping services to its members. Continental Kennel Club employs courteous operators, maintains toll-free numbers, and issues free litter registration papers to CKC breeders. Along with the Continental Kennel Club Magazine, CKC publishes a monthly newsletter for breeders, event participants, and other CKC club members. The Continental Kennel Club website at serves as the official CKC online source for all information regarding registration and events.

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